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The Birmingham Post – “Proof that Jazz in the 21st century can be pretty and have street cred too.”

Jazz at Ronnie Scotts – ” As forceful as it is subtle, Oriole have in the space of two albums found something that most groups spend many moons searching for – a sound of their own.” 

Straight no Chaser – “This album delivers those light-hearted and playful moments we expect of the summer, it’s skillfully and wholeheartedly composed and performed by an exceptional band.”

Jazzwise – “a musical mosaic that feels as spiritualy uplifting as a Paulo Coelho novel.”

Echoes – “the UK’s self-contained neo-samba nova wave that’s well free of any Ipanema cocktail cliche……. If your looking for finely-honed compositions and pert, astute improvisation that embrace Latin music, jazz and folk-rock all the while avoiding hackneyed vocabulary, then Oriole is probably as good as it gets.”

All About Jazz – “An enchanting follow up to Song For The Sleeping, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the return of warmth and sunshine than to spin Migration.”

The Guardian – “Bandleader and prolific guitarist-composer Jonny Phillips seems to have tunes coming out of his ears.”

The Evening Standard – ” If you like your jazz gentle, worldy, folksy and acoustic, look no further.

Time Out – “Expect waltzes, gentle samba, persuasive grooves, poignant themes and uplifting melodies that’ll make you smile, think and want to dance.”

The Jazz Man – “This is a beautiful album, flawlessly written, arranged, played and produced and covering a wide stylistic and emotional range. A joy to listen to and it should be a contender for the album of the year awards. “

The Vortex – “entrancing, affecting and compulsively playable. Unreservedly recommended.”